Bowling Tips for Seniors

Bowling is one of the sports that can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age. In fact, the older you get, the more time you are likely to have for bowling. You should make it a regular activity due to the many health benefits that it offers for seniors. It is a form of exercise that helps to keep you fit and keeps diseases at bay. It also helps to improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety and improving your social life. Below are a few essential tips to help you bowl safely in your golden ages.

Choose the Right Ball

bowling ball

Bowling balls vary in weight. You have to choose one that you are comfortable with depending on your physical capabilities. If you experience shaking while holding the ball, for example, the ball is probably too heavy for you. Shop the newest selection of Brunswick bowling balls here for a better grip and thus more control of the ball. A good idea is to buy a ball that is customized for you to fit perfectly.

Know How to Handle the Ball

With age, you may not be as strong as you used to be in your younger years. This means that you have to change how you handle the ball to prevent injuries. Lifting the ball out of the rack, for example, may require you to use two hands instead of one. You should also let all the balls come to a stop before you pick one up. Reaching inside the machine is not a good idea as the moving parts may cause you harm. Remember to wear wrist support every time you bowl.

Practice Your Timing

Take some time to practice your timing without the bowling ball before you start the game. Determine the right number of steps that you need to take back from the boundary, the ball swinging motion, and when to release the ball. This is important as getting it wrong can result in injuries. Practice as much as it will take for you to get the right rhythm.


Doing some stretches before you start playing is essential as it helps to keep the body alive. There are many stretching and warm-up exercises that you can do to ensure your body and muscles feel loose and flexible to prevent injuries. They should be done for about 20 minutes daily and about five minutes before a game.…

Fitness Guide for Women

All gender should be able to work out with no worry, but sometimes going to the gym for a woman can be scary for many reasons. The number one thing that girls avoid from doing any exercises is to get bulky and manly. Unless it is the look that you are going for, then good for you because you are allowed to look however you want as long as you are happy with yourself. But most females want to stay away from that masculine image. If you are one of the girls that wish to work out with the ease in mind that you will still look feminine, continue reading this article.

Fitness supplements

capsule Even before you start getting into fitness, you must have heard that usually, everyone have their go-to protein shake or pre-workout supplements that can help them to get stronger and build muscles faster. When looking to choose your supplements, a tip is to buy a product that is made especially for women. You don’t want to end up drinking something that has male hormones in it, so it’s better to stick with something that is properly made for you.

Areas to work on

girl absTake a look at models and copy which areas do they work on the most, and what they least work on so you know that you are not building the muscles in the area that will make you appear bulky. A women’s exercise will mainly focus on the abs, butt, and just a little bit on the legs. Remember not to overdo any workout and stay away from weights because that is the quickest way to make you look not feminine.

Practice flexibility

yoga girlAside from the gym, take some classes that focus more on flexibility like yoga or a dance class. It will make you look toned and strong without all the excessive muscles that you don’t want to have. Many workouts will surprise you if you give them a chance, and don’t restrain yourself from going just because it is something you haven’t tried before because even the instructor has been in your place where the exercise practice is a strange new thing, and you just need to start.…

8 Reasons some people are not successful in losing weight

Weight loss is the Holy Grail of most exercise and diet programs. You can spend a lifetime counting the number of weight loss supplements in the market today, yet, only a few people are successful in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in the long run.

This article highlights 8 reasons some people are not successful in losing weight;

1. You are Not Keeping Track of What You are Eating

In order to lose weight, you should eat fewer calories than you burn hence the need to keep track of your diet. According to studies, people who keep food diaries and take pictures of their meals lose more weight than those who do not.

If you are not losing weight, track your calories and weigh your foods for a few weeks to know just how much you should be eating.


2. You are not eating enough protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients when losing weight. It helps to boost metabolism and makes you eat fewer calories per day. Eating enough proteins per day can also significantly reduce cravings and the desire to snack. This is brought about by the protein’s effect on appetite-regulating hormones such as ghrelin.

Load your breakfast with proteins which will, in turn, make you full throughout the day and reduce cravings.

High proteins intake also prevents a metabolic shutdown, a common hindrance to weight loss and also prevents weight regain.

3. You are Not Eating Whole Foods

The quality of food you eat is as important as the quantity. Eating healthy food not only improves your health but also regulates your appetite leading to weight loss. Healthy foods are also more filling compared to processed foods.

You can check out the side effects of garcinia and learn more about a product that can really help you in losing weight.

4. You are not doing cardio or lifting weights

Lifting weights and cardio are some of the best things you can do when losing weight. Lifting weight helps you to hold on to your muscle mass which is burned together with the body fat. It also enhances metabolism.

Cardio, on the other hand, improves your general health and it is also effective at burning body fat that builds up around vital organs causing diseases.

5. You are Still Drinking Sugar

Sugary drinks are the most fattening items in food. You should not only cut sugary beverages such as Pepsi and Coke but also healthier’ ones like vitamin and water as they are also loaded with sugar.

Also, consider limiting your intake of fruit juices as they are also loaded with sugar.

6. You are not having enough sleep

Sleep is essential for both mental and physical health which includes weight maintenance. According to studies, poor sleep is the main contributor to obesity, adults, and children who fail to get sufficient sleep have 89 and 55 per cent greater risk of becoming obese.

sleeping cartoon

7. You Have a Medical Condition That makes it hard to lose weight

Some medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, hypothyroidism, and sleep apnea among others make it hard to lose weight or even lead to weight gain. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should consult your doctor before beginning the weight loss journey.

8. You are Not Drinking Water

Drinking water significantly enhances weight loss. Studies indicate that drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily increases the rate a person burns calories by up to 30 percent leading to weight loss.…

What is the big deal with home fitness tools?

A lot of us feel like, and genuinely have the need to go to the gym these days. In our lives where almost everything is already done for us, we need some exercises to stay fit and healthy. Typically, people just become a member of some gym and travel there to do workouts. It is impractical for many reasons such as it is expensive. Not to mention you often have to wait your turn to use the equipment.

Why home fitness tools?

The alternative is to get fitness tools and have the best home gym. These are just normal gym equipment that can be used safely at home. And it pretty much deals with all the problems of going to gyms. Home fitness tools encourage the rest of the family to do a few workouts as well.


TreadmillThere are several reasons people should buy a home fitness tool. For most of us, it is simply to stay fit. The easy option for that is to get a treadmill. Treadmills offer great fitness training, and their simplicity makes them ideal for home use. The fitness training offered by them is that they make you run or walk for long periods of time. Unlike usual outdoors jogging, treadmills can be used to jog right at home. It is far more comfortable this way since you get all the benefits of home such as drinks, bathrooms, and being available to the family at the instant.

Treadmills offer good features such as telling you how many calories burnt, multiple settings on what speed you want to run or walk in. Best of all though is that home treadmills can be folded and put away at will.

Rowing Machine

A good idea for people wanting to do muscle training at home is to get a rowing machine. Rowing has been said to be one of the best exercises for muscles, fitness, and even mental health. As far as the concern of home use, rowing machines are also quite simple to use.

weightsWhile most people feel the need of going to the gym, it is really not an easy thing to do. Just the idea of waiting in traffic to use stationary bicycle sounds silly. Then there is the cost of fuel, membership subscription, and child day care costs for many of us. Fitness tools for home, as a result, makes a lot of sense. The modern machines are extremely safe and easy to use, and even encourage some of the lazy people in the family to mind their health a little bit.…

Beginner Guide For Rowing Exercises

To any fitness enthusiast, nothing can be disheartening like lack of stamina while exercising. Whether one is an athlete or only wants to stay fit for health reasons, stamina is of great importance. It is advisable not to keep the wrong exercises while you can get a good guide here for success. The following is a beginner guide for rowing machine-stamina boosting workouts that you can include in your sessions.

Different Rowing exercises

Steady rowingRowing exercises

This workout is an easy paced one, of around 18 to 24 strokes per minute. It is a comfortable workout especially for beginners, and one can also use it as a warm up before a vigorous session. It is the best for starters as it does not involve detailed moves

Interval training

This exercise involves rowing for one to two minutes at a high stroke rate of about 30 and then for the same period; working out for a lower rate of about 20. According to some research, alternating between high and low intensity does not only help you boost stamina but also helps you burn more calories compared to a steady workout of a similar period.

High intensity training

High energy means rowing as hard and as fast as one can for a pre-determined time frame which simulates racing conditions. Some beginners fear this workout, but for those who are a little bit familiar with the exercise, it is ideal for building stamina, both mental and physical. It is not easy, and as such, it should be achieved gradually to avoid injury.

Pyramid training

Rowing exercisesThis form of training involves training for shorter time-frame at a higher stroke rate. For example; you can try rowing for 5 minutes at 20 strokes, 4 minutes at 22 strokes, 3 minutes at 24 strokes; 2 minutes at 26, and 1 minute at 28 shots. For beginners, one can start by targeting lower rates and add more strokes as they advance and gain more experience.

Time trial workouts

Here, you need to record the progress over time. Mostly, a test is said to be complete when over 2,000 meters. Record your time for a particular distance once a week; row hard during the first half and then strive to maintain the same stroke rate during the second half. Alternatively, you can row at your maximum speed and record the distance you cover at the end. With time you will gain stamina.

People usually base fitness on your activity level. Whether you aim to improve your fitness, stay healthy, or a serious athlete, this beginner guide for rowing exercises and workouts will not only improve your endurance but will also offer the health benefits that come with a fit body and achieve your goals.…