Do Not Undermine Your Back Pain

back pain

Sitting for a long time might make you suffer from back pain. Drivers, office workers, designers, are the ones who are prone to experiencing the pain. And usually, all we do is just to stretch our back.

But in the long terms, back pain might be the sign of a more severe problem. Learn below to know more!

Backbone deformation

Back painIt might sound impossible to your ears because, perhaps, you might have thought that only impact-related accidents can impair the backbone. But in fact, prolonged abusive behavior can have the same result, and it is called as postural scoliosis.

Although posture scoliosis is reversible with exercise and physiotherapy, slouching will significantly increase the risk of having Hernia Nucleus Pulposus (HNP). Your spine has disks between the joints, and bad sitting posture will cause the disks to leak its inner material, which is mostly nerve tissue. And as a result, the joints cannot align properly anymore.

recliner2When the condition is too severe, exercise will no longer help, and corrective spine surgery is needed. And there are two types of it, open back & laser surgery. Open back surgery is an invasive surgery, and the patient will recover slowly. Laser surgery is less invasive than the open back, but it is costly.

When it deals with sitting, perhaps it is your chair that causes you to lean forward. Some chairs have a recliner and allow you to straighten your back whenever you feel strained. Look for the best recliner for back pain to ease you. Some of the recliners are equipped with a heating mechanism that can be relieving for you when you are needed to sit for the whole day behind your desk.

Slow metabolism

HeartburnSitting makes the blood flow from the heart inefficient. Your brain will get less oxygen supply, and so too your legs and your hands. And that is why over-sitting will cause muscle degeneration in hands and legs.

Insulin disruption

Blood Sugar testSitting increases the glucose intensity in the body. And in the long term, your pancreas will get affected, and your body will no longer process glucose.

Insulin disruption will lead to type 2 diabetes. And the unfortunate news does not stop there. Colon and uterine cancers are also linked to increased blood sugar.