Fitness Guide for Women


All gender should be able to work out with no worry, but sometimes going to the gym for a woman can be scary for many reasons. The number one thing that girls avoid from doing any exercises is to get bulky and manly. Unless it is the look that you are going for, then good for you because you are allowed to look however you want as long as you are happy with yourself. But most females want to stay away from that masculine image. If you are one of the girls that wish to work out with the ease in mind that you will still look feminine, continue reading this article.

Fitness supplements

capsule Even before you start getting into fitness, you must have heard that usually, everyone have their go-to protein shake or pre-workout supplements that can help them to get stronger and build muscles faster. When looking to choose your supplements, a tip is to buy a product that is made especially for women. You don’t want to end up drinking something that has male hormones in it, so it’s better to stick with something that is properly made for you.

Areas to work on

girl absTake a look at models and copy which areas do they work on the most, and what they least work on so you know that you are not building the muscles in the area that will make you appear bulky. A women’s exercise will mainly focus on the abs, butt, and just a little bit on the legs. Remember not to overdo any workout and stay away from weights because that is the quickest way to make you look not feminine.

Practice flexibility

yoga girlAside from the gym, take some classes that focus more on flexibility like yoga or a dance class. It will make you look toned and strong without all the excessive muscles that you don’t want to have. Many workouts will surprise you if you give them a chance, and don’t restrain yourself from going just because it is something you haven’t tried before because even the instructor has been in your place where the exercise practice is a strange new thing, and you just need to start.