Beginner Guide For Rowing Exercises


To any fitness enthusiast, nothing can be disheartening like lack of stamina while exercising. Whether one is an athlete or only wants to stay fit for health reasons, stamina is of great importance. It is advisable not to keep the wrong exercises while you can get a good guide here for success. The following is a beginner guide for rowing machine-stamina boosting workouts that you can include in your sessions.

Different Rowing exercises

Steady rowingRowing exercises

This workout is an easy paced one, of around 18 to 24 strokes per minute. It is a comfortable workout especially for beginners, and one can also use it as a warm up before a vigorous session. It is the best for starters as it does not involve detailed moves

Interval training

This exercise involves rowing for one to two minutes at a high stroke rate of about 30 and then for the same period; working out for a lower rate of about 20. According to some research, alternating between high and low intensity does not only help you boost stamina but also helps you burn more calories compared to a steady workout of a similar period.

High intensity training

High energy means rowing as hard and as fast as one can for a pre-determined time frame which simulates racing conditions. Some beginners fear this workout, but for those who are a little bit familiar with the exercise, it is ideal for building stamina, both mental and physical. It is not easy, and as such, it should be achieved gradually to avoid injury.

Pyramid training

Rowing exercisesThis form of training involves training for shorter time-frame at a higher stroke rate. For example; you can try rowing for 5 minutes at 20 strokes, 4 minutes at 22 strokes, 3 minutes at 24 strokes; 2 minutes at 26, and 1 minute at 28 shots. For beginners, one can start by targeting lower rates and add more strokes as they advance and gain more experience.

Time trial workouts

Here, you need to record the progress over time. Mostly, a test is said to be complete when over 2,000 meters. Record your time for a particular distance once a week; row hard during the first half and then strive to maintain the same stroke rate during the second half. Alternatively, you can row at your maximum speed and record the distance you cover at the end. With time you will gain stamina.

People usually base fitness on your activity level. Whether you aim to improve your fitness, stay healthy, or a serious athlete, this beginner guide for rowing exercises and workouts will not only improve your endurance but will also offer the health benefits that come with a fit body and achieve your goals.