Common Breast Problems

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Breast problems are not so rare in women. In fact, 1 in every 3 women has experienced some kind of breast problem. It is sometimes disturbing to notice a problem with your breasts and especially when you do not know its cause. But women should know that not all of the problems are caused by cancer.

Common breast problems have a way to get to most women. They should not cause panic since they do not mean any danger. However, it is always advisable to seek the counsel of a doctor.

That being said, what are the common breast problems?

Common breast problems

· Breast tenderness or pain:

Once in a while, the breasts feel soft, and in some cases, with accompanying pain. If you have been keen, this problem happens when women are near their menstruation period. Menstruation causes a hormonal imbalance, and this is what causes the pain and tenderness. Once the menstruation period is over the problem goes with it. It is important to know that this problem is not caused by cancer. But you should get checked to know the real cause of your problem.

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· Skin change:

The skin around the breast can change in color. This can be accompanied by itching, swelling, and dimpling. Experts say this may not be a serious problem, but you have to be checked. Some serious skin changes are associated with less serious breast cancers such as inflammatory breast cancer.

· Breast lumps:

This is a common problem in breasts. You or your doctor can feel a lump under your breast’s skin. Although most of the times this is not any indication of cancer, it is always important to get checked as soon as possible.

· Nipple discharge:

Women within their first year of giving birth experience nipple discharge. The discharge is milky in color and can often be confused with real milk. Also, women with low thyroid activity can experience this discharge. In other cases, it is as a result of medication side effects. In rare cases, this is a symptom of breast cancer.

blue tshirtAs much as we are calling these as common breast problems, it does not mean they should be assumed. Once you notice any of these problems you should seek the help of your doctor. Early intervention is very crucial in cases where the problems are symptoms of cancer. Regular breast screening is important for women right from their teens all the way to adulthood.

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